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Fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and producers from all over the world.

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High quality. Low prices. Hassle-free shopping that gets you in and out. A product assortment and store layout that’s refreshingly simple, yet full of surprises to discover at every visit. Here’s how we do it:
We’re expert product curators. Our stores offer carefully curated selections that are top-quality and best-prices. So your precious time is not spent sifting through endless versions of products you don’t want.

We’re more than just food. We aim to surprise and delight our customers with a diversified product assortment that changes every Month. You’ll find anything from essentials for the home, such as small appliances or kitchen stuff, to stylish gear for the whole family, to toys and power tools, and much more.

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 is to offer you consumer products from the best known companies at the best possible price, with fast delivery and excellent service.

Alcoholic Drinks

From small-batch gins to dark luscious rums, to clean, crisp vodkas, and everything in-between – Majestic has an extensive and exciting selection of spirits waiting to be explored. Don’t forget there is no minimum purchase with spirits so you always get the best price, even if you are looking to purchase one bottle.


FreshDirect is your source for gourmet cheese online. Our expert cheesemongers source fine cheeses from across the globe, bringing you a selection full of one-of-a-kind finds that you won’t see anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for artisan varieties for entertaining or cheeses to make that sandwich or recipe extra special, our cheese shop has exactly what you’re looking for. From extraordinary aged Parmesan and cheddar to the freshest mozzarella and ricotta, we celebrate the craftsmanship and diversity within the wide world of specialty cheese.


We take great pride in our selection of specialty sausages online, specially selected for the grill, cassoulets, sauces, stuffing and more. From classic French favorites like Andouillete and Boudin Noir, Spanish staples like chorizo and German frankfurters and Polish kielbasa, we’ve got a selection worthy of any Octoberfest. Buy gourmet sausage from the delicious selection below.

Pasta & Pantry

The perfect plate of pasta starts with the best ingredients, from bronze-extruded dried pasta to all-natural sauces, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, and beyond. Stock your pantry with your favorite shapes and favorite ingredients.


Try out some new menus at home with our fresh and healthy from the farm vegetables, and some yummy fruits as dessert, see how good it tastes when its fresh.


Get the finest olives & antipasti, or appetizers, from Sayili Market! Whether olives oil or olives , find everything from ready-to-eat spreads and sauces to konserve, tuna filets, and more – everything counts in creating a delicious meal.


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